A single spotlight shines, filled with fog as it illuminates Amy Lee, talented lead singer of the alternative rock band Evanescence. It’s a cold spring night in London and the Royal Festival Hall crowd is screaming along to every lyric of the five-piece’s new album, Synthesis. The accompanying orchestra, conducted by Susie Seiter, adds a beautiful depth to each piece. Everyone in the audience, from superfans to newcomers, is swept away by the performers’ immense stage presence.

Lee is a powerful vocalist and equally formidable on the piano, and when joined by her contingents, she truly comes alive. Passion is written across her face; the intense emotion that supplements each string of words says as much as the lyrics themselves do. Even with incredible drummer Will Hunt tossing his sticks and crafting outrageous fills, all eyes are on Lee. And whenever the singing isn’t completely understandable, the frontwoman makes up for it with her range: her highest notes are perhaps even more sustained than her natural lower register.

Under deep red and violet lighting, the crowd excitedly joins Evanescence in a lively performance of Bring Me to Life, which starts off soft but ends in a rousing chorus. In Lithium, Lee proves she sings just as well without the synthesised effects that have become one of the band’s hallmarks; Lost in Paradise, showcases the majesty of the orchestra.

Before performing My Immortal, Lee explains that their fans have given a new meaning to the piece. Each member works in harmonious unity throughout the piece, shining as more than a sum of their parts.

The concert is best represented by what the singer says towards the finale of the show, when she proclaims that people who enjoy songs “this emotional … feel a lot but don’t say as much [we] feel. The only way through is what we have together.” As much as the night is about music, it is also about coming together and feeling emotions – whether those be pain, pensive contemplation, or rage – as one. [Source]