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Amy Lee didn’t dream of being a rock star as a young girl. Her earliest musical influences came from the classical world. She was fascinated by her grandmother’s piano playing and the film “Amadeus,” and she dreamed of one day being either a classical composer or scoring films, as she told Kerrang!. Even when she discovered grunge and heavy metal as a teenager and started down the path to becoming the leader of Evanescence, Lee made connections between heavy metal and the classical writers she knew.

Still, she made the transition into rock and grunge, though she didn’t at first think of herself as a singer. Vocal performance was initially only an outlet for her poetry. For her poems, Lee drew on a darker muse than a classic film or her grandmother’s talents. When she was only 6 years old, Lee’s younger sister Bonnie died of an illness that left her physicians baffled. Lee was close to her sister and was devastated by losing her, but she didn’t want to compound her parents’ grief by showing her feelings. Poetry, and later music, became her outlet.

Lee carried that early sense of loss into her career with Evanescence. She’s identified two songs, “Hello” from the album “Fallen” and “Like You” from “The Open Door” as being about her sister. She’s also come close to tears discussing her sister in interviews and long declined to share her name, out of concern it would upset her parents or lead overcurious fans to encroach on her sister’s grave.


EVANESCENCE’s AMY LEE Was Worried “Bring Me To Life” Would Mislead Fans In 2003

Evanescence scored one of their biggest hits right off the bat with “Bring Me To Life”. The song was Evanescence’s debut single from their first album Fallen in 2003, and it had vocalist Amy Lee a little worried.

In an interview with Triple M, Lee said she was worried about 12 Stones vocalist Paul McCoy’s guest spot on the track and how it might land the group in one-hit wonder territory. Obviously it didn’t considering Evanescence’s long career, but Lee’s concern makes sense – a massive hit from an album that’s otherwise not that kind of music can be difficult.

“The pressure was on immediately with ‘Bring Me To Life’ because our first song had a guest vocalist in it, and my biggest fear was that people were going to misunderstand who we were in the first place, and that it was going to be a really difficult thing to bring them along moving forward.

“Because, if you have a first single that doesn’t sound like the rest of your music, that’s scary. That can really put you in that one-hit wonder category, and that was really my biggest fear. When we were able to move past that, we had another single, and it was a hit. And then, we had ‘My Immortal,’ and it continued on and we’ve just had such an incredible fan base, so much support throughout the years, even when we were gone for years at a time.

“It’s just this beautiful thing. I don’t know what to say. We really do owe a lot to the fans. Also, I’d say, it’s something to not give up when it’s really, really hard. Because there have been times that have been really hard, from losing members to losing family. It would have been the easier path sometimes to just stop.”


Evanescence’s Biggest Hit Single Returns To The Charts

A little over two decades ago, Evanescence scored a very rare hard rock hit on the Billboard charts in America. Their breakout single “Bring Me to Life” helped usher in a new chapter of rock music’s popularity, and it set the group up for plenty of future success. Many years later, Americans are still loving that tune. So much so, in fact, that fans of the band have pushed the cut back to the charts, helping it become a hit all over again.This week, “Bring Me to Life” returns to a pair of Billboard charts. The song has already appeared on both tallies, but as its sales sum surges, it finds its way back to a handful of lists.

“Bring Me to Life” reappears highest on the Hard Rock Digital Song Sales chart. On that tally, it sits at No. 5, entering the top half of the 10-spot ranking of the bestselling hard rock cuts in the U.S.Over on the Alternative Digital Song Sales chart, Evanescence’s smash is performing almost exactly as well. On that tally, it returns at No. 6. “Bring Me to Life” has topped both of those aforementioned lists in the past. At the same time that it reappears on both lists, Evanescence’s generation-defining hit is also on the rise on one other ranking. “Bring Me to Life” is up one spot on the Hard Rock Streaming Songs chart. On that roster, it improves from No. 18 to No. 17. It’s climbed as high as No. 5 before.


Evanescence Announce Spring 2023 Tour w/ Muse

Evanescence have confirmed that they will be touring with Muse in Spring 2023 in North America. The shows will be 20 dates from February 25th to April 20th.

Pre-sale begins October 4th and general sale begins October 7th. Visit for more details.


02/25 United Center – Chicago, IL, USA

02/26 Target Center – Minneapolis, MN, USA

02/28 Moody Center – Austin, TX, USA

03/02 Toyota Center – Houston, TX, USA

03/03 Dickies Arena – Fort Worth, TX, USA

03/07 Nationwide Arena – Columbus, OH, USA

03/09 Scotiabank Arena – Toronto, ON, Canada

03/11 Centre Vidéotron – Quebec City, QC, Canada

03/14 Bell Centre – Montreal, QC, Canada

03/17 Madison Square Garden – New York, NY, USA

03/19 Wells Fargo Center – Philadelphia, PA, USA

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