Evanescence scored one of their biggest hits right off the bat with “Bring Me To Life”. The song was Evanescence’s debut single from their first album Fallen in 2003, and it had vocalist Amy Lee a little worried.

In an interview with Triple M, Lee said she was worried about 12 Stones vocalist Paul McCoy’s guest spot on the track and how it might land the group in one-hit wonder territory. Obviously it didn’t considering Evanescence’s long career, but Lee’s concern makes sense – a massive hit from an album that’s otherwise not that kind of music can be difficult.

“The pressure was on immediately with ‘Bring Me To Life’ because our first song had a guest vocalist in it, and my biggest fear was that people were going to misunderstand who we were in the first place, and that it was going to be a really difficult thing to bring them along moving forward.

“Because, if you have a first single that doesn’t sound like the rest of your music, that’s scary. That can really put you in that one-hit wonder category, and that was really my biggest fear. When we were able to move past that, we had another single, and it was a hit. And then, we had ‘My Immortal,’ and it continued on and we’ve just had such an incredible fan base, so much support throughout the years, even when we were gone for years at a time.

“It’s just this beautiful thing. I don’t know what to say. We really do owe a lot to the fans. Also, I’d say, it’s something to not give up when it’s really, really hard. Because there have been times that have been really hard, from losing members to losing family. It would have been the easier path sometimes to just stop.”