Last month MusicFeeds reported on the rise of a meme involving Bag Raiders seminal 2009 single ‘Shooting Stars’, and while it’s hard to tell when musically-driven memes have peaked, it’s usually around the time that Smash Mouth and Evanescence start getting involved.

ICYMI: Towards the back end of 2016 video makers began including ‘Shooting Stars’ to accompany hilarious videos of people falling, being pushed, and diving off things.

Now video meme master Grandayy, who has made some of the best ‘Shooting Stars’ clips to date, has mashed the track up with Evanescence cult classic ‘Bring Me To Life’.

While some creators have made crude and out-of-tune mashups involving the Bag Raiders track, Grandayy is a master of repatching two songs to melt together perfectly.


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