It has officially been six years since Evanescence has last released a new album, leaving fans restless in anticipation for new music. This does not mean, however, that front-woman Amy Lee has been doing nothing during this hiatus. She has released several covers of songs and a children’s album Dream Too Much to keep fans satiated as she explores her artistic abilities. Now she’s back with another solo single entitled “Love Exists.”

The song perfectly encompasses the nature of love with a warm and delicate introduction and a powerful chorus. For the most part, the song is more on the soothing side in comparison to Lee’s works within Evanescence. The song includes elements like piano and strings to accompany Lee’s voice.

The purpose of the song is clear through the lyrics: love is complex. It can be found everywhere and in countless forms, and it isn’t always soft and easy. The chorus states that “love makes no sense” and captures that it’s an experience that we are constantly trying to understand.

Lee has hinted that there is more Evanescence content in the future but has kept the details ambiguous so as to allow herself the ability to take things step by step in this complicated stage of her career. [Source]