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Indie film “Blind” featuring music by Amy Lee & Dave Eggar

Amy Lee seems to be diving deeper into the world of film music. After War Story, INDIGO GREY and Voice From The Stone, it was revealed in an interview with A Child Grows in Brooklyn that Lee was writing music for a fourth film. On September 14th, an MTV News article stated that the new movie was title Blind, written by John Buffalo Mailer, directed by Michael Mailer and starring Alec Baldwin and Demi Moore. The composer of the film’s score is Dave Eggar, with whom Amy has previously collaborated on Aftermath, the soundtrack to War Story. According to @EvTod, Chuck Palmer is also part of the film’s score team. It is still unknown to what extent (closing titles song, score etc.) Amy is involved in the soundtrack.

On September 15th, it was announced via an official Press Release that the movie will be premiering for the first time at Woodstock Film Festival in New York on October 13th, 2016. You can download the festival’s program, featuring Blind, by clicking here. Articles on Daily Freeman and IndieWire also talk about the movie’s world premier. A trailer is still to be released, while the movie is expected go to cinemas around the world later this year. [Source]

Watch Amy Lee Compose Closing Title Song

Over the last few years, Evanescence vocalist Amy Lee have found herself more and more engrossed in the film world, working on several score pieces. Her latest project finds the singer showcasing both her vocal and piano playing talents to create a closing title song for the film Voice From the Stone.

In the clip above, Lee takes viewers behind the scenes of her sessions at Skywalker Ranch as she lays down haunting vocals and delivers a piano melody that will eventually be used for the film. The piece is called “Speak To Me” and as you can see, it also plays well over several scenes from the movie. The clip soundtracks a woman’s entry through gates toward a perfectly green landscaped entryway to an epic castle, some romantic moments between the film’s cast and more.

The movie is described as a Hitchcock fairy tale, a mysterious and suspenseful romance set in 1950’s Tuscany. Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke is the lead, with Marton Csokas, Caterina Murino, Remo Girone, Lisa Gastoni and Edward Dring rounding out the film’s key cast members.

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