It’s called ‘Love Exists’, and was created as an ‘interactive valentine’.

What’s that? Well, you can head here, listen to the song, choose some art to accompany it and then send it to whoever you like for Valentine’s Day.

Here’s the song:


Love is anything but simple,” Amy has commented.

“…it manifests itself in countless forms. It can be inconvenient. Painful. Easier to ignore than to trust. But we are still connected, despite how alone we feel sometimes. Can we be brave enough to love, knowing it’s going to hurt? Can we drop our cynicism long enough to see beyond the frustrations, the discontentment, the fear of the unknown and the anger for all we can’t control?”

“Love is all around. Even in the darkest places. And it is worth everything. Look out, look in. Love exists.”

Her next single ‘Speak To Me’ is released April 28. [Source]