Love Exists (L’amore esiste)

In 2017, American singer Amy Lee recorded an English language cover version of the song, titled “Love Exists”. Her cover was published online and released as a single on 10 February 2017. On the digital single, two different remixes of her song were featured as well as an instrumental version. Lee decided to rework the song while in Italy, working on the music video of her song “Speak to Me” recorded for the film Voice from the Stone (2017). The singer revealed that she had heard “L’amore esiste” on the radio, and afterwards “it seemed to follow me everywhere, got under my skin and just wouldn’t leave”. She elaborated, “I couldn’t stop listening to it, over and over the whole way home. I started piecing together what the lyrics meant and wrote my own twist on them in English.” The singer afterwards presented her work to producer Guy Sigsworth whom she convinced to join her in New York and help her recreate “L’amore esiste”. Dave Eggar was the one responsible for the string arrangement and the group recorded the song in a week at Flux Studios. Lee further elaborate on the work behind the song, saying,

“What an incredibly fulfilling experience it was to make this beautiful thing. And with such a talented, down-to-earth, and inspired team- with no rules or limitations beyond the ones we created. Guy pushed me in new ways and I learned a few things. It was a unique honor to work beside someone I admire so much on something that at the time had no plan, no album to go on, and made no sense other than how good it felt. It’s easy to get bogged down by the ‘point’ sometimes, when what matters most in my opinion, in music-making, is following your heart. Finding a way to satisfy that deep need to express something that can’t be said with words alone.”

The ballad begins with a gentle synthesizer and a delicate melody which progressively adds more layers, including string arrangements. Lee’s vocal performance in the song was described as “tranquil, subdued” during the verses and with “uplifting power and a soulful wail” during the chorus. Joe DiVita from the website Loudwire felt that overall, the song “resides on the more soothing side of things”. Idolator writer Mike Wass praised “Love Exists”, calling it “the best power ballad Celine Dion never sang — albeit with a pleasing twist of darkness”.The song managed to appear at number four on the Belgian Ultratip chart in Wallonia on 18 March 2017.