Josh Hartzler

Josh Hartzler is Amy Lee’s husband. He was born on November 4, 1977 and works as a therapist. He is also a photographer. He took Amy’s promotional pictures for the 2009 shows and the album cover for Evanescence’s fifth studio album, The Bitter Truth.

He was the main inspiration for Evanescence songs Bring Me to Life and Good Enough.

He began a relationship with Amy around November 2005. Amy told in an interview that she ran into him at a party and wrote Good Enough two weeks later: “I waited until it was done then I played it for him. I knew I would be really nervous — way more nervous than playing in front a huge crowd. He loved it.”

Josh and Amy were engaged on January 8, 2007. The next day, Amy announced their engagement publicly during a live broadcast on Canadian show, MuchMusic. They got married on May 6, 2007 at Amy’s family home in Little Rock, Arkansas, and lived in New York for 13 years before moving to Nashville, Tennessee in 2019.

Josh is credited for co-writing the lyrics for David Hodges’ solo career on the album Musical Demonstrations Pt.1. The related songs are Crowd Of Me (with Hodges and Stuart Upchurch), Fly, and Thursday (these two last only with Hodges). He has also co-written Daughtry’s last single off his Daughtry album, What About Now, along with Ben Moody and David Hodges. He has writing credits on Trading Yesterday songs: She Is The Sunlight and Elizabeth on their 2004 debut album, The Beauty & The Tragedy, and Revolution, My Last Goodbye, and Come Back To Me from their second album, More Than This.

Josh made a brief appearance on the Making of Fallen video.

In 2008 he gave Amy a harp as a gift.

He co-wrote Skillet’s “Hard To Find” with David Hodges from their 2013 album, Rise.

On January 18, 2014, Amy announced that she and Josh are expecting their first child together. Jack Lion Hartzler was born on July 24, 2014, with the announcement of his arrival four days later.