About Us

Amy Lee Fans originally opened up in February of 2008. It as originally named Amy Lee Net under the domain Amy-l.net. The site ran for 2 years and then shut down due to personal issues and financial troubles. It reopened for a year in 2012 and again shut down. We officially re-opened in February of 2017. The reason for this was first I have been a fan of Amy Lee since 2003 and have always loved her work and talent.

The second reason I decided to re-open the website was because there was a shortage of Evanescence and Amy Lee fan sites out there. Back about 11 years ago there were literally hundreds of websites dedicated to them but now there are only a handful. This made me sad and I decided to start again.

Originally Amy-l.net was hosted by the fan-sites.org but when I decided to re-open the site I was sad to see that it was shut down now. Luckily I found another amazing host at Fan Site Hosting Network!