About Us

Amy Lee Fans originally opened up in February of 2008. We opened originally as Amy Lee Net under the domain Amy-l.net. The site ran for 2 years and then shut down due to personal issues. It reopened for a year in 2012 and after a few years went on hiatus. We officially re-opened in February of 2017. The domain expired and we were unable to get it back because it was owned by our host company that shut down. We then purchased our current domain and reopened.

One of the main reasons for reopening the fan-site was because back in 2003 when Evanescence’s first studio album came out there were hundreds of fan webpages about them and after the years dwindled on many of those shut down or the services that were once home to fan pages were discontinued such as MSN groups (which was where my first fan page about Evanescence was on and how I started web development). Seeing that there are not many fan pages about Amy Lee I decided it was time to reopen.

Originally Amy-l.net was hosted by the fan-sites.org but when I decided to re-open Amy Lee Fans I was sad to see that it was shut down now. Luckily I found another amazing host at Fan Site Hosting Network!