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Gallery Update: Photoshoot additions

Thanks to Veronica for sending me some photoshoot pictures from 2003 that I have uploaded to the gallery. Enjoy!

ef6f41494210517.jpg eee541494210091.jpg e18e69494210663.jpg cb1bb0494210355.jpg 7154b7494210578.jpg 46e476494209959.jpg 02f7b3494210204.jpg


Photo Gallery Update: Kerrang Issue K!1717

I have added some new scans of the Magazine Kerrang Issue K!1717 featuring Amy Lee and Evanescence. Hope you all enjoy!

10.png 08.png 07.png 06.png 05.png 02.png 03.png


Photo Gallery Update: Instagram photos added

I have added a new category to the photo gallery and it features some of the Instagram photos that Evanescence and Amy post. Hope you all enjoy!

29716232_176971902933453_5117191720567570432_n.jpg 28428541_2036896349929594_1832835765529214976_n.jpg 25009805_149359475839674_7777863693458472960_n.jpg


Photo gallery update: Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

I have added some new photos to the gallery from the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre in Brisbane, Australia on 02/10/2018. Hope you enjoy!

Evanescence-7.jpg Evanescence-4.jpg IMG_3132.jpg Evanescence-1.jpg 27574886_1531476036968509_880467621370134528_n.jpg Evanescence-14.jpg Evanescence-16.jpg


Photo Gallery has reached over 100k views!

Thank you to everyone that have visited Amy Lee Fans. Our photo gallery has reached over 100,000 views today and we appreciate everyone who has made this possible. To celebrate this milestone take a look at some of the most viewed pictures in the gallery.

jv2b9Tm.jpg baudarmutt_28_10_2017_16_2_49_294.jpg Untitled-1.jpg 65465131.jpg 37540880070_645c3f38a5_b.jpg amy_solo4-147121874.jpg evanescencechannel_25_10_2017_23_6_33_708.jpg Evanescence1.jpg DDqmoSUXsAEWgK.png 26586321f31271f3af37773398a1045b.jpg 61f876ce32beba1187ec7e441b6869fa.jpg baudarmutt_1_11_2017_1_57_12_98.jpg evanescence-synthesis-bg-m2.jpg full-res-amy-lee-evanescence-credit-prbrown-c27ca0e3-f763-4c4d-ad8c-d8222f37bbca.jpg


Photo Gallery Updates and Milestone

Our Photo Gallery has reached 47,000 views. I would like to take the time to thank everyone who visits this site and made this possible. I am planning on adding more to the gallery very soon and in the mean time check out our most popular photos in the gallery.

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