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Amy Lee Remembers Chris Cornell

Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee has offered a touching and deeply personal tribute to Chris Cornell. Along with calling Cornell’s voice “deeply soulful,” Lee described how Soundgarden “changed what metal was to me.”

Chris Cornell was a talent at the highest level of rock. If you didn’t realize it simply through his music, the flood of tributes alone proves how adored he was amongst his fellow musicians. When it comes to 21st century rock titans, there aren’t many superstars on the level of Amy Lee, who took a moment to write a heartfelt memoriam for Cornell.

Cornell’s influence on Amy runs deeper than one would assume. In fact, when Evanescence was recording their monstrously successful Fallen album, Amy Lee would tap into Soundgarden for inspiration. Lee wrote on Facebook:

Chris Cornell was one of my favorite vocalists of all time. ‪When we were recording Fallen, I would sit in the car in the studio parking lot every morning before going in and warm up my voice to‬ ‘Fell on Black Days.’ I loved how deeply soulful he was- it was such a beautiful and unique combination between his bluesy soulful wailing and the dark, heavy music. It was so much cooler than just screaming, which would have been the more obvious match to the music. That’s what made it special. They changed what metal was to me. Expanded the boundaries…
There have been way too many tragic, early deaths in the music industry lately. Why are we so lost? Cornell moved and inspired so many people. SO many…
For now my thoughts are here: No one is immortal. Everyone feels the pain. No one has a perfect life. We have to remember our fragility- that of the people we love, look up to, even our enemies. You never know what people are really going through on the inside, so we must take extreme care. And love the best we can, while there’s still time.

“I’m only faking when I get it right…” Oh, how I’ve always related to that line. Knowing you felt that way made me stronger.

Farewell to another hero. Thank you for sharing your heart, your search light soul with us.



Evanescence announce new album ‘Synthesis’

Evanescence has a number of classic songs in their discography that we could listen to over and over again, but their new album Synthesis will allow us to listen to these classic songs in a whole new way—with full orchestration.

Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee revealed the news of this new album through a video posted on Facebook, along with explaining how there will also be two new songs on this album.

“This album is about orchestra and electronica. We’re taking our music, stripping out the big distorted guitars, stripping out the rock drums and replacing it with full orchestration and a completely synthetic world of beats and sounds,” explains Lee.

While this album will feature songs from Evanescence’s previous albums, Lee explains that these won’t be remixes meaning that we’ll get to hear our favorite songs in an entirely new way. She also explains why they titled the album, Synthesis.

“It is the synthesis, the combination, the contrast, the synergy between the organic and the synthetic, also the past and present.”

As if we couldn’t get any more excited, Lee also revealed the news that Evanescence will be touring with a complete orchestra coming this fall to support the release of the album. [Source]