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Amy Lee is rewriting history on the band’s new album

Their fourth release Synthesis is the opposite of an unplugged effort — rather Lee has re-recorded the band’s old material an even more dramatic and bombastic manner, with a full orchestra and heavy electronics. That includes their breakthrough 2003 hit Bring Me To Life. And there’s something missing from the version you know — that rap, by guest vocalist Paul McCoy.

“God bless the rap, it’s part of what got us on the radio I guess,” Lee says. “At least according to all the rules of radio that I don’t agree with or understand. The rap wasn’t part of our original idea or sound, it was a compromise in many ways. So to be able to go back to the original vision for the song was great.”

It’s not uncommon for an artist to go back and record their songs — Lee embraced being to able to revisit the band’s signature hit after performing it live at every concert they’ve played since it was release. “The recording of a song that ends being the one you hear the most through history is usually when the song was just freshly written. You’re still learning it yourself and getting used to what the notes are and how the parts go. That’s true for Bring Me to Life for sure. After doing it live for so long there’s different vocal choices I’ve made and different things we got to use in this version.” And no rap. “I forget the rap’s there now to be honest,” Lee says. “At the time it was a big issue, it was our first single. I wanted people to understand who we were. That’s a struggle you always fight as an artist. If we only had the one hit, if no one ever heard from us again then nobody would understand who we were. We’ve made it past that point so the rap doesn’t make me angry any more. I’m so glad to put a new version out there without the rap though.”

Similarly there’s an adult version of another Evanescence anthem, My Immortal — like Bring Me To Life it’s been the subject of countless covers and soundtracked many moody memes. Lee admits My Immortal almost got cut from Synthesis. “People have heard it so many times, I’m pretty open about the fact it’s not one of my favourite songs, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to totally re-record it again.” Despite a “band” version being recorded for their 17 million-selling debut album Fallen, most fans and radio gravitated to the early version of My Immortal, which Lee recorded as a teenager sneaking into the studio her dad worked at after hours. “I hate that version. I totally hate it. It’s an old demo from before we were even signed. Every time I hear it gets under my skin, but that’s the version most people play. I love the album version we did. But I wanted to do a new version so people know where I am vocally as a 35-year-old with all of this experience I have now behind me. As opposed to when I was 17. It’s beautiful because it’s pure and innocent but I was definitely still finding my voice. [Source]

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Evanescence bring their orchestra to the UK in 2018

After disappearing off the radar six years ago, Evanescence are ready to make their comeback this year. Following the upcoming November release of their album “Synthesis”, they will be embarking on a huge tour in 2018.

“Synthesis World Tour”

Just a month ago, Evanescence shared a remastered version of their iconic song “Bring Me To Life”, setting the tone for the rest of their album. With the help of producer Will Hunt and composer David Campbell who previously worked on “Fallen” and “The Open Door”, their classics will be brought back to life thanks to an orchestral and electronic backing. The band has promised an upgraded version of their songs.

And they have one more gift for their fans. “Synthesis” will also feature two exclusive songs. We can’t wait to discover the outcome of this ambitious project which will be available on 10th November. 

Following the release of their opus, Evanescence will embark on a huge tour to present their album to fans. After a stop in America and France, they will bring their full orchestra to the UK in March and April 2018. You will find all the relevant information down below.

Ticket Information

Evanescence Concerts
30/03/2018 and 31/03/2018: London (GB) – Royal Festival Hall
02/04/2018: Manchester (GB) – O2 Apollo Manchester
03/04/2018: Nottingham (GB) – Motorpoint Arena
05/04/2018: Glasgow (GB) – SEC Amarillo
06/04/2018: Sheffield (GB) – Sheffield City Hall