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Throw Back Thursday – Photo

Photoshoot of Amy Lee!

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Photo Gallery now online!

I am happy to announce that our photo gallery is officially re-opened and we have added over 2000 photos. We are constantly looking for new photos to add every day and if you would like to help or contribute you can contact us. Thank you again for visiting our fan site and we hope you are enjoying your stay!

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[x004] Amy Lee Related > Solo Photoshoots > Set #01

amy-lee-at-emi-get-together-09.jpg 26586321f31271f3af37773398a1045b.jpg 6c5af35c6463c97480f1c26f343b98e7.jpg tumblr_m0nfjtL2ea1r0ymvxo3_1280.jpg tumblr_m0nfjtL2ea1r0ymvxo1_500.jpg