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Splice Provides Editorial, Color & VFX For Amy Lee’s “Speak To Me”

The creative team at Splice combined forces with Evanescence’s Amy Lee for her latest music video, “Speak To Me,” the original song written for the “Voice From The Stone” feature film soundtrack. The music video pays homage to the film’s tonality and mood by taking us on an intimate journey around an Italian castle rich with character, eclectic architecture and stunning landscapes.

To view the new music video, go here:

Shot on the same location as the film in the Italian region of Tuscany, the piece bodes as an enchanting reflection of the landscapes, ethereal ambience and melancholic themes observed throughout Director Eric D. Howell’s “Voice From The Stone,” starring Emilia Clarke. Splice also contributed editorial, color and VFX to Howell’s film, which was released in select theaters and through streaming services this spring.

“I was very moved by the movie, and after having my first conversation with Eric and composer Michael Wandmacher, I felt a surge of inspiration and immediately began writing,” says Amy Lee. “It was an honor to be able to work with Eric on the music video as well, which was shot outside Sienna, Italy, at the same beautiful location as the film. We conceived the video as a parallel and backstory to the film, which explores the strong bond of love between Malvina and her son, and the belief that love is stronger than death.”

“I’ve been a long-time Evanescence fan, often listening to Amy Lee’s music when editing or rendering late nights throughout my career,” says Editor Clayton Condit. “It was a huge honor to get her talent and musical genius behind the project. ‘Speak to Me’ really sums up the spirit of the film. The opportunity to cut an Amy Lee music video was just one more bonus for the Splice team and for the film.”

“Having a single stop post house that not only handled the film and its promotional needs, but also collaborated wonderfully on the music video was just another example of the professionalism and expertise Splice brought to this project,” concludes Producer Dean Zanuck.



Amy Lee Loves to Sing Her Own Songs at Karaoke

Amy Lee became sublime the moment she stepped barefoot out of a window, to precariously scale a tall building as the wind howled. The “Bring Me to Life” video all leads to her, a figure somehow both Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas and goth Ophelia in a nightgown, slipping from the ledge because a man has thrown open a window. Holding on by her fingertips, she hangs there, as he steps out in baggy jeans and not one but two thick chain and padlock necklaces, and delivers the most iconic rock-rap since Papa Roach’s Jacoby Shaddix told us he’d reached his last resort in 2000.

Evanescence is the band everyone in their 20s and 30s remembers for their 2003 debut album, Fallen—the cover was a close-up shot of Lee’s face in electric blue and black. It reached number one in the UK album charts and has sold millions of copies worldwide. Since all their songs are essentially the Swedish songwriter Max Martin pop bangers with disgusting nu-metal riffs, they appealed to every punk kid with access to MTV. While they might have only kept the rock following—I still listen to Evanescence and love doing the previously mentioned man rap at karaoke—after nu-metal and emo fell out of fashion, their later albums have been just as haunting.

Ahead of their double headline show in London recently (which featured Lee wearing a cape of feathers and playing a grand piano), I drank as much of the free coffee as I could, waiting for her at her label’s office and then got jittery when she floated in wearing a huge dress, wearing the same electric blue and black as the Fallen cover.

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Amy Lee Remembers Chris Cornell

Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee has offered a touching and deeply personal tribute to Chris Cornell. Along with calling Cornell’s voice “deeply soulful,” Lee described how Soundgarden “changed what metal was to me.”

Chris Cornell was a talent at the highest level of rock. If you didn’t realize it simply through his music, the flood of tributes alone proves how adored he was amongst his fellow musicians. When it comes to 21st century rock titans, there aren’t many superstars on the level of Amy Lee, who took a moment to write a heartfelt memoriam for Cornell.

Cornell’s influence on Amy runs deeper than one would assume. In fact, when Evanescence was recording their monstrously successful Fallen album, Amy Lee would tap into Soundgarden for inspiration. Lee wrote on Facebook:

Chris Cornell was one of my favorite vocalists of all time. ‪When we were recording Fallen, I would sit in the car in the studio parking lot every morning before going in and warm up my voice to‬ ‘Fell on Black Days.’ I loved how deeply soulful he was- it was such a beautiful and unique combination between his bluesy soulful wailing and the dark, heavy music. It was so much cooler than just screaming, which would have been the more obvious match to the music. That’s what made it special. They changed what metal was to me. Expanded the boundaries…
There have been way too many tragic, early deaths in the music industry lately. Why are we so lost? Cornell moved and inspired so many people. SO many…
For now my thoughts are here: No one is immortal. Everyone feels the pain. No one has a perfect life. We have to remember our fragility- that of the people we love, look up to, even our enemies. You never know what people are really going through on the inside, so we must take extreme care. And love the best we can, while there’s still time.

“I’m only faking when I get it right…” Oh, how I’ve always related to that line. Knowing you felt that way made me stronger.

Farewell to another hero. Thank you for sharing your heart, your search light soul with us.



Amy Lee Discusses Her Single, “Speak To Me”

Musician Amy Lee, from the band “Evanescence,” has a brand new single titled “Speak To Me.” The song is featured in the upcoming film “Voice from the Stone,” in which Emilia Clarke and Marton Csokas star in. She worked closely with the film’s director, Eric Howell, and composer Michael Wandmacher when she developed the song and music video which are a great parallel and backstory to the film. Tune in when Amy Lee discusses the reasons that inspired her to work on this project, her vision for the song and her experience working with the filmmakers. Interview at 692 Broadway in NYC for BUILD Series.


Speak To Me (Official Music Video)

Amy Lee has posted the Official Music Video for “Speak To Me” on her youtube channel check it out below!

“Speak To Me”, the end title theme song off the upcoming movie, Voice From The Stone. Buy “Speak To Me” on iTunes now!

Written by Amy Lee & Michael Wandmacher (who also composed the film score).

Orchestrated by Susie Benchasil Seiter.


AMY LEE – “Speak To Me”

Amy Lee’s new single, “Speak To Me”, the end title theme song off the upcoming movie, Voice From The Stone. Buy “Speak To Me” on iTunes now!


Amy Lee interview with BUILD Series

Amy Lee will be doing another interview with BUILD Series on Monday, March 20! Sign up for free tickets and come see me!


Amy Lee in Studio with Evanescence working on New LP

Evanescence’s Amy Lee has unveiled her new song “Speak to Me,” the end credits theme from the upcoming thriller Voice From the Stone.

“There are many reasons why I felt inspired to work on this project,” Lee said in a statement. “Voice From the Stone tells the haunting story of Verena, a nurse who is asked to aid a young boy who has fallen silent after the sudden passing of his mother; Verena is brought in to help him speak again. As a new mother myself, the film resonated very deeply with me. ”

The film stars Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke in the role of Verena, with Lee’s ghostly ballad capturing the tone of the supernatural saga.

“I had the opportunity to work closely with Eric Howell, who directed the film, and Michael Wandmacher, who composed the score,” Lee continued. “I was very moved by the movie, and after having my first conversation with Eric and Michael, I felt a surge of inspiration and immediately began writing. It is a rare phenomenon to really share a creative vision so completely, and that made for a very powerful experience, and an end result that I am very proud of.”

Howell also directed the “Speak to Me” music video, which will arrive next week. “We conceived the video as a parallel and backstory to the film, which explores the strong bond of love between Malvina and her son, and the belief that love is stronger than death,” Lee said of the Sicily-shot video. In April 2016, Lee shared behind-the-scenes footage of the “Speak to Me” recording session.

In addition to “Speak to Me” and her recent solo work, Lee is back in the studio with Evanescence working on the band’s new LP, due out this fall. [Source]


‘Voice From the Stone’ Trailer featuring Amy Lee

Voice From the Stone is based on Italian writer Silvio Raffo’s 1996 novel by the same name, and the film includes haunting music courtesy of Evanescence’s Amy Lee, whose original song “Speak to Me” will play over the closing credits (and is the most terrifying name for a song possible given the film’s plot).

You can check out the trailer for Emilia Clarke’s latest big-screen venture here via USA Today—but don’t say we didn’t warn you if you need to sleep with the light on after:


Amy Lee – “Love Exists” (Official Lyric Video)

Amy Lee has posted the official lyric video to Love Exists. We are excited to share this news with you. Enjoy!